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Sirloin Tip?

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I have a 3# sirloin tip that I am going to smoke tomorrow and don't know how long it should take. I want to get it to med. rare, should I smoke at 225 or 250 and for how long? I read one post that a guy said he did a 4# one and it took 2 hrs. That seams very quick to me but I have never did a beef roast. Any suggestions? I really need some.
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George smoke by temps not time-type in sirloin tip in search area and go from there-will give u good info
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Personally I'd smoke it to about 140 and that won't take all that long. If I was to guess I'd guess 2-3 hours at 225
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I have smoked a 11 lb roast and it took about 5 to 6 hours. It depends on how you want your roast to turn out. If you want it med rare take it to about 140 or 145 that way the ends are alittle more done and the middle is med rare. Your roast won't take long being only 3 lbs and beef smokes alot faster.
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Yes, I know to smoke by temp. I was just trying to get an idea of about how long it would take. I will start watching the temp about 1 hr into the smoke. Thanks for all the help.
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