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Sick Apple Wood?

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We've recently moved to a home with a couple apple trees in the yard. One of them is not doing so well. There are brown spots on all of the leaves and it has dropped literally ALL of the apples already. I'm thinkin I wouldn't mind cutting it down since I already have another in the yard that is doing quite well. So my question is this: Is the wood still good to use for smoking if the tree is apparently sick? The inside of the wood looks fine, but I just want to make sure.

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Dave it could very well be a fungus and not affect the live of the tree at all I think I'd check with the county extension office first. The wood would probably be fine for smoking but do you really wanna cut the tree
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Man don't cut it down for the wood. You could probably get years of delicious fruit off of it and if it's big enough of a tree you can prune it each year and get a lot of smoking wood from it.
I agree with Piney, get some advice from your state Ag dept.
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the tree wood would be fine to use.
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Another thing to consider is that it takes two trees to pollinate each other, so if you cut the one down and the neighbors don't have any you will not get the apples from your remaining tree.
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