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[quote=Aucivil;359166]Most complaints I read are from people wishing they had the larger model.quote]

Yep, going with a vertical smoker, I would buy the widest body you can afford, especially if you plan on doing full slabs of spares or full packer briskets. Later on, if you start doing larger gatherings, you'll be glad you have the extra space. I started out with the small GOSM, which is enough smoker capacity for about 20-25 people, comfortably. Now that word has gotten out on my talents with outdoor cooking, I've stepped up to being able to handle meats for 125-150 without any worries.

I still use my 3405GW GOSM, but it's very limited on the size of individual pieces (1/2-2/3 slabs of ribs). It's perfect for a large single family meal, which is still it's main function at my house.

Whatever you decide to buy, take your time to get to know how it likes to cook, and it will reward you with great Q!