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Chick on a Stick

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Pickled a chicken in a cure brine for 3 days, now smoking it but instead of shoving a can up it's.... internal, I did a slight mod to my vertical and drilled a couple holes through it so I could put an oak stick through, for chicken and / or sausages. So, I'm trying 'Chick-on-a-Stick' tonight! I'll rotate it so it's stretching out all parts equally, lol!

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Looking good
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At about 151°, still a little ways to go.. here's front and back:

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Very nice PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif awesome looking bird
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Looking good..... love that color on the bird....PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice bird Pops.I love my Rotisourie kettle/smoked chicken....i think i tried beer can twice.

Staying tuned.....
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Hit 175° and pulled it off, took it inside and cut it up and bagged it for dinner tomorrow! Plenty juicy, and what a smoky hammy taste!

Brine recipe:

½ cup Altern® sugar substitute (Splenda® in a Walmart wrapper)
½ cup Altern® brown sugar substitute (same..)
½ cup table salt
1 tsp. DQ Cure
½ gal. water in a large gallon pitcher

(You can use same brine for pork as well.. Canadian or regular slab bacon, spareribs, pig hocks, etc., and in beef for dried beef (double the salt), beef short ribs and flanken, anything you want to pickle, basically!)

Stir thoroughly, put chicken in and let soak in refrigerator for 2 or 3 days.

Pull out and rinse off, git 'er smokin'! Probe in thigh and breast until it reaches 175° internal. Enjoy!

Pops §§
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Thanks for posting the brine..forgot to ask.

Dried Beef sounds interesting...

Congrats on the OTBS...well deserved!!!!!
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Looks awsome man.
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Forgot to mention that you don't have to use the sucralose substitutes, you can use real sugar and brown sugar in the same amounts! I'm just diabetic and can't eat the sugars!

Pops §§
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Looks good Pops, haven't cooked a chicken in awhile, and now you have me thinking it is going to be a chicken weekend!

Is that suppose to be TQ?
I do like the idea of using the splenda!
Thanks for sharing,
aka Rocky
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Great looking Chicksicle PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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No, that's DQ Curing Salt from Butcher Packer. Don't know what the equivalent would be, between the ½ cup salt and tsp. cure compared to TenderQuick seasoning; maybe someone out there could help that's familiar with Mortons' products?
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Great looking bird, Pops. Nice job
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