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cabernet soaked oak

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I have recently scored some wine soaked oak and cant wait to do my first brisket....anyone ever use such wood?
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Will work fine, but you won't notice a difference. Smoke will act just like a post oak cook. Meaning, it's good smoke, but I wouldn't go breaking up expensive wooden barrels for it.
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i thank you sir. it was given to me by a wine maker up here near middletown n.y. I had just happened to be talking and he had a few that had just accidently gotten broken
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I don't know about the wine barrels from experience, but I've heard the same thing that geek said.

Love the picture of the Guiness truck and the rainbow. Better than a pot 'o gold.
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i was trying to find a Yeungling truck the same way....LOL
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I'm sure someone will be along soon with better Photoshop skills than I have and put their logo on there.
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