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Fired Up My first smoker and it was GOOD!

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I purchased the Perfect Flame smoker from Lowes this past Friday and fired her up for a 4th of July butt smoke. I seasoned it Friday night and woke up early Saturday to get her going. The day went like this:

6:45am- Fired it up on high to get temp up quickly. Once up to 400 I opened vents and stabilized it at 225.

7am- Added water pan, oak and hickory mixed chips and boston butts on two racks.

830am- Dumped chips and added more

1030am- added more chips

1215pm- added more chips only oak this time

1:00pm- Tin foiled butts and let ride at 225 until 4:00pm

4:00pm- Took butts out with foil and placed in a cooler for 1.5-2 hours.

6:00pm- Took out and pulled with two forks. Pork was sooooooo tender and with a great smoked flavor. Added personal recipe of eastern North Carolina sauce and served to the party. It was the best Q I have ever eaten!!! This smoker thing is the best and Im hooked already.

Now for the rating of the cooker. The smoker stabilized perfectly and went to 400 degrees in short order. The chip box is a perfect distance from the burner as well as the water pan. Water pan got half empty and only topped it up once. Chips last 1.5 hours. Construction is great and the temp guage seemed pretty accurate. Lots of room inside, and vents helped stabilize temp. Only gripe is the hanging rack attached at top that prevents easy moving of vent on top of cooker. I bent the small tab on the vent and loosened the top screw so I can close completely for preheating etc. Other than that this cooker ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Welcome to SMF and congrats on the new smoker. What temp did you take the butts to? Did ya get any pics for us we like Qview biggrin.gif
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Welcome to SMF. Congrats on the smoker.
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Welcome SMF this place is GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Welcome to SMF. What was the internal temp of the butts? And no q-view, it didn't happen...haha
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I didnt really measure the temp on final taking. After the ten hours and clear juices I felt they were ready since they fell apart almost when taking them out of the smoker.
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welcome to SMF-glad u found us
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Welcome and congrats on the new smoker and successful smoke.
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I wouldn' guess with poultry or pork. If it was beef it would be okay.
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Hey biskit. Congrats on the first smoke..... I have that same smoker and the thermometers are way off !!! Also that top vent is made that way on purpose..You should never need to close it up...You should really think about getting a digital thermometer or 2.. It will help you alot in times to come with that smoker and making sure the temps on your food are safe ... Again, congrats on the first smoke ...
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Welcome to the site with an unbelievable amount of info!! Awesome job documenting your smoke! Gotta have some Qview to give you some points though. sorry.icon_neutral.gif
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I certainly understand the temp concerns with pork etc but you can tell some things are pretty much done when they are falling apart. I also forgot to say these butts were the Costco kind, two in a pack with no bone in so they cook a little faster and evenly through. Thanks for all of the advice!!!!!!!!
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First off welcome to SMF. You'll like it here there's alot good people here that just love to help you in many ways. Happy Smokin
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I don't fault you for not having a probe this time...sounds like you are reasonable enough to know when something is done! We get so wrapped up in temps sometimes....hell, I know an old Texas boy smoker who can do some mean ribs. He doesn't even have a temp gauge on his smoker...just knows how much fuel to use and how to adjust the dampers to get the results he needs. He said to me one time, "just open a 6 pack once you get the meat on the pre-heated smoker. Once that's gone, your ribs should be done" biggrin.gif

I do agree though that for birds - one should check the internals to make sure that you crossed the 165° mark.
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