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I agree, I am either going to try to buy one of those racks, or i will rig one together @ home. The filled ones look really good.
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Thanks Rivet, and thank Mrs. Rivet for me too. That is really a great compliment!!!!
Now if I can get my head through the door due to all the swelling, lmaobiggrin.gif
I'm gonna smoke the other 1/2 of a top round for some roast beef.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Anytime Tucson. That's what this place is for, helping each other.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Those ABTs sure look good.

Anyone looking for an Jalapeno Rack, Bass Pro Shop has a Stainless Steel King Kooker 36 Hole Jalapeno Rack with Corer Set
for $14.99 a lot cheaper than the ones on the Chile Grill site.
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Same thing but cheaper. I bought a half dozen for gifts.
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I guess I am going to Wall Mart, I want a couple more. That will be a big savings when you figure no shipping. Thanks pignIT. It goes to show never buy from the first place you find an item. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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gonna try these today off to the store i I have some sticks smoking away then i am gonna do some of these
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Those look great Oneshot! How was the heat factor on them?
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Very little heat with these, I rinsed them out after coring and removing all the seeds....Anyone can eat these...icon_mrgreen.gif
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Thanks for the info,,,great thread newbie looking for all the help he can find...loved it.
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ABT Holders

You guys have some great ABT holders, where do you buy one?
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You can buy a basic one at Walmart or Academy Sports for 10 bucks and it comes with that little cleaner tool.
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Hello New2smoking & welcome to SMF. Why don't you head over to "Roll Call" & introduce yourself so we can welcome you properly.
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OK - so (didn't see this in here) - how hot was the smoker, and how long should you expect them to take?


THANKS - they look great.



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How long were they on the smoker and at what temp? They look great by the way. I was thinking about trying these this weekend. 

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wow! those look awesome. I have never tried them but they look good. i may have to try it out.

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