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uncooked ribs

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I have a half rack in the fridge now ready to go for about 5 days with the 4th and all. should i cook them or throw them away if i can i will cook them tonight
thanks guys
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Cook them.
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Were they cryo-vac packed with a solution? Or, fresh cut/packaged ribs?

If cryo-vac packed, they will feel a bit slippery, but if you rinse them off with clear fresh water and smell them, you will know if they have gone bad. The odor will be somewhat off from the norm...if they are definately trash can material, the odor will be rather offensive, so take it slow.

Hope you come out allright, good luck!

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They we pre wrapped not cryro bagged my wife wont let me buy those cause of that smell i must say it is freaky

so im going to check them tonight and cook em up thanks guys
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That longer than I like to keep them in the fridge BUT if they look good and smell good then go for it.
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Yea i planed on the next day to smoke em but the 4th came and we went out of town and i had some horrible ribs at a rat joint and then ding i remebr i had these in the fridge
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Hey RC, don't let that 'off' smell from the cryo ribs throw you for a loop. It is a byproduct of the packaging process. As mentioned above, if you pull them out and give them a good rinsing, the issue disappears. It in no way indicates that the meat is bad, and as a matter of fact, cryovac meats have a much longer life in fridge or freezer than plain wrapped one.
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I'd cook them up. As long as they don't smell heatin up.
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Well, according to this

you should be okay but you're nearing the end of the window of opportunity.biggrin.gif

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