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I sent Herky my pics. When do we post a forum thread? should we wait until end of contest so we don't give out our secret ideas, wink wink lol
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oh, one other thing. I sthere alimit to the length of a post as I may have 20 Plus large pics. I'd hate to create then the system tell me it is too big to post.
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Judging will be delayed a few days, as I have to go home for a funeral this weekend.

Still have the submissions PMd to myself, Fire It Up, and Pineywoods by the deadline.

For long posts what I would do is create a short forum post with your title, and immediately put up a second or third short post. Then go back and edit the posts and include an equal amount of pics in each.
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I sent to you Herky do I also need to send to FireItUp and Piney?
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So I can put a fattie together this weekend, aug 15th-16th, and still be part of the contest?
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I'm your competition, so take this for what it's worth. icon_mrgreen.gif

You only need to send a PM to one of the judges, and they will share amongst themselves.

The forum limit is 30 pictures per post, so you should be safe putting them all in one post if you want. You might consider thumbnails to click on or reduce the size so it loads faster. I finally ditched the dial-up on my home computer just two weeks ago, so I'm sure there are other members still plodding along!Oh, and I'm waiting for after the deadline to start my forum thread!
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No It's ok I forward the entries to them.
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i posted my entry on the forum so everyone could see it .
thats what its all about we share our ideas not hide them.
thats why i'm here on smf is to learn and share ideas.
so if this fatty throwdown is behind doors screw iticon_mad.gif
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The deadline for entry are PM'd pictures by August 15th 8PM PST. I haven't discussed extending the deadline for entry.
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Anyone can post their threads whenever. I just suggested waiting until after submission. Infact the idea behind this throwdown was to stir creative juices and share them with the members. I just wanted to allow people the chance to feel each of their ideas were unique and not copied.

Honestly I think the sharing of ideas on this forum is great, and since I've been reading I've seen all sorts of things show up and learn a lot. I like fatties because they are great for allowing a creative outlet in BBQ.

Have fun all! icon_smile.gif
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Remember to PM some pictures to use before the deadline just so we are aware of your entry.
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ok folks. Mine is posted. Hope you enjoy.
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Throwdown winners!

First off, thanks to everyone who participated! This was an extremely close race, so it took us an extra day to judge.

Here are your winners:
Tailgater / Classic Fattie –BBQEngineer and his Buffalo Wing Fattie!

Secret ingredient Fattie – FMCowboy and his Southwest Chili Rellenos fattie

Like I said the whole thing was close so honorable mentions to all entries, because we had to deliberate for many hours!
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Congratulations to you both the look delicious!

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PDT_Armataz_01_34.gifPDT_Armataz_01_34.gifCongrats to the winners PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif All I can say is I had a blast thinking of a fattie for this and hope to be able to give it a go again.... Thanks to all for some great ideals on my next Fattie.
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Wings and a fatty 2 of my favorite things......Why didn't I think of that????
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Great Job Guys!
Am I missing something? What is with the "Blue" in the qview?
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The code word for the entrants to the contest...
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