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2009 Summer Fattie throwdown!

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Link to winners: http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/for...788#post345788

*** DATE CHANGE AUGUST 8-16th ***

Attention meat aficionados,

It is time to squeeze those creative juices, and flex those Fattie technique muscles again…


There will be 2 categories for this throw down.
  • Backyard BBQ / Tailgater theme Fattie.A classic Fattie with some classic homemade smoked sides, or stuff that bad boy with the best summer has to offer! Whatever you can think of!
  • Mystery Ingredient(s). 2-3 secret ingredients will be posted to be used in a Fattie. One or all may be used, but a single entry for this category is allowed.
Only one category needs to be entered, and a winner /2nd/3rd/4th is chosen for each category. For the mystery ingredient category, only one entry is allowed, although there will be 2 ingredients to choose from, and either or both may be used.

General filling ingredients may be prepared ahead of time. However any ingredient that looks overly complex, or where the authenticity of the ingredient is questionable (you didn’t make it yourself) may need to be verified. In these cases if you think you are going to make something far outside of the box creative, you may be asked to prove your creations via the forms (a link to a post), or utilize 2 days to create the Fattie and document the fillings.

The throw down will start on August 8th. Entries should have at least a rolling view and sliced view submitted to the judges via a private message with the code word in the picture by Saturday August 15th, 8PM PST to be considered. All complete entries should be submitted via the forms by 8PM PST on August 16th containing the following information:
  • Outer ingredients (bacon weave or no)
  • Filling ingredients
  • Smoker type
And not forgetting
  • Rolled Sausage ready for filling
  • Filling before rolling
  • Rolled finished fattie
  • Fattie when taken off the smoker
  • Fattie Sliced
Additional pictures with some tasty side dishes, or the Fattie being enjoyed in an entertaining way / place, could be used as possible tie breakers. Knowing our members, it’s probably going to be close! :D

Judging will be done by myself and FireItUp.

A code word / signal (hand sign), and ingredient list will be posted to this thread on Saturday August 1st (Friday midnight). The code work must be written on an object or hand signal used, and included in each photo.

Basically just make some fatties and have some fun!
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Due to some unforseen family circumstances I am posting this early. I wanted to get this going now rather than be late later. I'll be online as soon as the dust settles tomorrow.

Secret Ingredients to pick from:

1) Root vegtables or Tubers as defined by:

2) Any combination of ingredients form the following Scoville Chart that register 100 or over. At least one ingredients must start in whole form. Other ingredients may be in
processed form (powders)

3) Goat Cheese

Secret word is: Blue
Secret signal is: OK hand sign next to the fattie

Have fun.
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There will also me Prizes for the 2 winners. I will announce later what the Prizes will be once I secure them.
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I'm in! Cranking all 3 brain cells up to work in tandem now...
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I have never once back down from a good throwdown and this won't be the first I'M IN
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So you and Fire it up will not be eligible to win since you are both judges right? Why don't you just set up a poll with all of the entrants and let everyone vote? That way you guys could participate.
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I thought about that. I'm not too concerned if I can't enter, and I think FireItUp was ok too. However if that changes and he wants to enter and I can't find a second judge I may do that. I may even set up this anyway with the entries for fun, and whether or not we use it would be determined for a tie breaker / close calls.
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I will do whatever I can to help out I will not be entering so just let me know
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This is going to be great.
Can't wait to see what crazy/delicious creations people are going to come up with.
As for entering, I'm perfectly happy being a judge. The power to decide ones fattie fate is enough for me...PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

Now get those creative juices flowing and those minds turning people!
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bump bump bump
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Well, I may just have to enter one even if it is to make the others look good icon_wink.gif
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Sounds good. I should be able to enter.
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Just had a fattie contest on another site but I think I can find an excuse to come up with another one. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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I have at least 2 recipes I want to try and one really insane technique I have not seem yet that I want to try. I may practise one of those this weekend, and post it after the contest. :D
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I am totally in! I just got back from Minnesota with a secret item that got me very funny looks while I was taking it as a carry on for my flight back.
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Ahhhh I am summoning all my evil food wizard powers.....I'm in!!!
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To bad I'll be up catering for Jeep Jamboree USA for 2 weeks. anywhere from 75 to 225 people on each trip.
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Ooh, this could be interesting...
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I have changed the date to the following weekend AUG 9th, as I may be able to contribute in a BBQ comeptition on AUG 1st.

I would like to be avaliable online to assist with questions / posts when this starts, and the competition is out of town.

If anybody objects please let me know.
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Get ready.....

There will be 3 special ingredients, ranging from easy to hard.

Make sure you have your sausage on hand this weekend!
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