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Smoked 3 racks of Pork Spare Ribs

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for the 4th from Sam's Club. I used the 3-2-1 method (more like 3-2-2) and they were great. Anyone else use Sam's Club meats often? I got them for $1.68 a pound.
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Yeah, my brother got 2 of the three packs for this weekend. I think they weighed 24lbs and he paid $40. A bunch of meat on them and thicker, took a bit longer compared to the racks at the local supermarket. I will get the Sam's ones from now on.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I am a Costco person (same as Sam's) and I buy a lot of meat from there.

Unless there is a better deal at a place I can trust.
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in a pinch I will buy from Costco, etc(meat seemed ok)., but I prefer a couple local butcher shops I have access to. One had K.C. trimmed spares this past week for $1.67/lb. Price isnt alway that good, but I prefer to give my $$$ to local folks, even if it may cost a little more most tof the time.
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I prefer Sam's meat to any grocery store. We don't have a local butcher where I live, there used to be several. The superstores have driven the mom and pop markets out of business. I really like there beef, they cut steaks an inch thick and it's all choice cut. I've caught baby back ribs on sale once for $13 for a pack of three full slabs, I loaded up on those.
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I do shop alot at sam's for my meat. there are several sam's clubs in Jacksonville (about 8) but I will only buy meat from 2 of them. I'm just picky I guess. I do go the the bucther from time to time. Our sam's had ribs for 1.48 lb saturday an i got a few racks 9
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Haven't bought the ribs there yet, but they're on the list. Bought a 2 pack of Boston butts 2 weeks ago. The meat was very good. I thought it was better than what we get at the regular supermarket.
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thats why it is important to support a local butcher, and any local business for that matter when its possible to do so.
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Big Steve

saw those butts when I bought the ribs. They looked good.
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