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Brined vs rubbed butt

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HerkySprings did a a post a while back on a rubbed vs brined butt and I've been wanting to do the same for some time. This past weekend being the weekend of all picnic-weekends, it was time to take on the challenge.

The brine I used was a recipe taken from Walking Dude in a prior thread. I followed the recipe to exact specifications and it turned out really well! The other butt was rubbed down with Jeff's rub, and left overnight.

Upon setting in the smoker, the brined one was definitely more tender from the start as the probe slid in quite easliy and without any resistance, as encountered with the rubbed butt. Smoke time was about the same for both.

Smoke details:
90% cherry / 10% pecan used for smoke
spritz = 100% cherry juice
internal smoke temp: ranged from 225-290
smoked butts until internal temp hit 165, then pulled and foiled, placed back on the smoker until internal hit at least 195. Rested in foil for 3 hours prior to pulling.

End result - loved the brine, will definitely do it again. It added a flavor I can't describe, but it was definitely tasty!! No need for finishing sauce or bbq sauce with this kind of butt!

Brine ingredients

Brine ingredients in saucepan

Brine solution - ready for meat

2 butts - ready to go!

Butt in brine

Rubbed butt - ready for smoke
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2nd round of pics

Brined butt - ready for smoke

Butts - ready for smoke

Butts - prior to 1st spritz

Butts - 1/2 way through smoke

Brined butt - prior to foiling - love the color!!!

Lang - happy and smoking away

I didn't get pics of the final, pulled product, but I can tell you that both were delicious! Thanks for checking out my Q!
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LaLa looks happy. Nice Butts Laurel
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Great side by side comparison. You said both were good but do you have a preference? Was the brined but more moist? I haven't brined a butt yet but I just might have to try one.
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I ended up liking my brined but a bit more for texture, and you can finish it in it's own juices. The other but however you could use a vinegar sauce to finish which was a different flavour.
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I think the brined butt was definitely more moist and overall, enjoyed that one over the rubbed butt!! With all the unique smokes you've done, Wutang, the brined butt will be easy! biggrin.gif
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Thanks. Now I just gotta come up with a unique butt brine and give it a shot. I do got some family coming into town in a couple weeks. Maybe I could use them as guinnea pigs. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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That looks awesome Laurel thanks for the side by side now I gotta try brining a butt!! You could bring over a little taste of it for me on Saturday biggrin.gif
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I'm going to set some aside now, and will freeze it and bring on Sat!! I think you'll like the flavor icon_cool.gif
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This looks sort of interesting. I made some of this brine and instead of doing a butt, I'll use a package of those country style ribs that have a pretty good fat content on them. I'm in an experimenting mood this weekend. I always use country style ribs to experiment with different things.
I'll let ya'll know tomorrow (Sat) afternoon sometime how things turn out.
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Definetly nice job laurel side by side with good results either would be great I'm sure. So you like the brine better HHmmmmm. Gonna have to give it a try. Thanks
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Nice job Laurel...they look great.
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Great lookin' qview, Laurel. Thanks for the post. I gotta try brinin' a butt for myself.
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