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Cherry ribs vs rubbed ribs

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I had a slab of baby back ribs cut in half, and decided to have Jon perform a taste test between rubbed vs. non-rubbed ribs. The rubbed ribs had Jeff's rub applied, the other half slab was naked.

Smoke details:
100% cherry wood used to generate smoke
100% cherry juice used as spritz every hour
internal smoke temp - 250-275
smoke time = 4 hours 30 min (it sat at 275 too long reducing the smoke time)


On the smoker - rubbed in back, naked in front

1/4 way through smoke - naked spritzed with 100% cherry juice

1/2 way through smoke

Prior to pulling off smoker - naked in front

Prior to pulling off smoker - rubbed


I've learned that the placement of ribs is critical in the Lang. The past couple times they've been placed near the heat box, they've cooked too fast and too hot, resulting in less tender ribs. Lesson learned is to cook them on the other side of the smoker, opposite the smoke box.

Result of taste test: Jon thought the naked ones were better. He's not a huge fan of rubs in the first place. icon_cool.gif
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Niiiiiiiiiiice :D

Thanks for that morning boost

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They both look great!
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I'd eat either one. They both look great.
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Hey great experiment!

Thanks for taking the time to do this and show your awesome results...YUM!

Good looking stuff, and thanks for posting. Your taste test is well received this time of year and good to have.... points.gif
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You probably should send me some for an outside opinion.

Looking good!
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Both look good to me. If you need any help deciding which is better I would be glad to sample them for you.
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