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4th of July Hot Dawgs!

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The wife went down with severe back pain and is now on percs and muscle relaxers so what to do this holiday weekend?????? What could me more American and patriotic that making some hot dogs! I've wanted to try this for a while anyway.

Pulled 3.5 lbs of country style ribs and a 3 lb chuckie out of the freezer, let it thaw for a few hours and cut it up while still semi frozen. Then ran it thru a 1/4 in grinding blade and then added the following(a variation from Rytek Kutas-Great Sausage Recipes and Meat Curing).

3.25 T Tenderquick
2T paprika
3T ground mustard
2 t CBP
1t ground celery seeds
1.5t mace
1t garlic powder
2 cups non-fat dry milk
2T powdered dextrose
2 C water

Then ground it again thru the tiniest grinding blade I have that I'd say is about 1/16in. Took quite a while to grind it thru but came out as close to emulsified as I could get it(don't have a large enough food processor). Meat mixture pictured below.

Then stuffed into sheep's casing and into the fridge to cure overnite.

Into the smoker in the morning. 1 hour @ 100o to dry and then up to 170o with apple smoke. for about 4 hours. Gotta say they looked a little gray when I put them in. The large sausage is one I had to stuff into a hog casing cause I ran outta sheep's.

Looked much better coming out.

Pulled them at about 140o and put into 165o hot water to bring them up to 152o then into cold water to bring the temp down below 100o. I've never used this method before but I like the results.

They're ready for the freezer.

Had to cook one up to see how it reacted. Plumped right up and tasted great!

What I would do differently next time is maybe less mace, the taste seems to linger a bit, and use a little bit larger sheep casing. Not sure what size I had but they were a little narrower than I would have liked.

I liked the texture, it is about like a Hebrew National hot dog.

Now just gotta whip up some chili sauce, dice some onion, and shred some cheese, and see if the wife is hungry!

Thanx for looking!

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Man..ya done great! Dawgs are a real pain to make! You've made me think I need to get after it again! Thanks for the recipe!
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Good Job. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Lou those look awesome PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif dang it another thing to go on the to do list biggrin.gif
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Great looking dawgs and by making your own you don't have to worry about just what the heck went into them. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

That is a lot of work but sure looks like it paid off.
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Better get some foot long bun's. Can I come over? Need some slaw also!
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Hmmmmmmmmm! Slawdog! Ain't had one in quite a while! Head on up!
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Man....checkin my list, may have enuff stuff to Rock with this gig!
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nice dogs-better rhan nathins or hebrews
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Try a 24-26 mm sheep casing rather than the normal 19mm you'd use for little links, etc., or you can use a 28-30mm hog casing to make club-type hot dogs (shorter and bigger around, great for cooking in saurkraut!).
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Pops, Great lookin dogs there!!!!! My mouth is watering!!!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

I just bought a brand new big mouth food processor today and I can see buying a lot more equipment is in my future.

Is it hard getting started making sausage, dogs and such???

Is there a book you would suggest to getting started???
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Nice job on the dogs Lou, I bet they taste great. Dogs have been on my list of too do's for a long time, but after seeing your Q-view its on my short list. thanks for sharing. Hope the wifie feels better soon.
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Get you a copy of Reytek Kutas - Great Sausage Recipes and Meat Curing/4th Edition and read up before you get started. Then take on a small batch of some kind of fresh sausage(breakfast links, Italian, etc)to get yourself familiar with some of the processes & equipment.
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Dang nice looking dogs. I got the fixins to make a batch now all I need is the time.....
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Great looking dogs. A fantatastic way to spend a summer day.
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Those look excellent!! I like the recipe! Thanks for the post.

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My answer would be to take some of whatever she's taking and chase it down with a beer and take a nice little nap. Just teasing.

Those look fantastic.

Hope the wife is feeling better soon. Now you stay out of her medicine.
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Man I have to do that some time. Just not right now with my hand crank grinder...
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She's got those percs closely inventoried!
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The dogs looks wicked! Great q-view.
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