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I am drooling here sc. Real nice job.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks great! My first whole hog is coming up soon. Is it really nesscary to use so many thermonitors and where you you put them all?
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Ive got 2 in the Ham 1 in the front shoulder, 1 in my brisket, and 2 are for my chamber temps. I think it extremly important to know the temps on everything. The Mavericks that I use have 2 probes each, 1 for meat and 1 for the smoker, they are wireless and transmit to a receiver in my pocket so i can move around and not worry about heat much. The better you maintain your temps the better your food will be. I keep mine within 10 to 20 degrees of what I want and monitor it the whole time.
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WOW! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Thanks, obviously I use one in each butt, shoulder, etc. and I installed a regular temp gage in my smoker (avatar ) but if I hadn't read this post I would have only inserted one in the fattest spot I saw. Just last night I converted from a wood burner to gas. I simply put a burner from an old side burner off of a gas grill in the bottom corner oppisit the smoke stck. It seems to run alittle hot even on the lowest setting. 275 to 300 degrees. I think I can keep it cool enough for what I'm doing. ( I'm using a different smoker for the whole hog next month).
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Awesome job buddy. Everything looks great. Wish I lived closer :)
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Wow! Great smoke! Love the pics!
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May I ask how much wood you go through on a smoke like this? Do you us as much as a 1/4 cord or more?
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Sorry for the late reply. Im back in Brazil working so things have been busy. i did not use that much wood at all. I know it was not 1/4 cord. I only bought two cords and have done two all night cooks and several 4-6 hour cooks not to mention seasoning and have not used half of what I bought. I aint no wood measuring expert but maybe a cord for evrythig so far......
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