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Whole Hog for 4th Lotsa Pics

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Another Lang success story coming. This is what I cooked
1- 115 pound hog. Head off and butterflied
1- 14 pound brisket
55 ABTs
10 pounds of wings
2 fatties
1 pack of pork candy
12 breakfast sausages wrapped in bacon
2 pans of beans

We started the hog at 1 am. Cooked at 235 for 12 hours, hams and shoulders were at 190 after 12 hours. I cranked the heat up to 280 for the next 2 hours to crisp the skin and managed to get the temps to 206 in the shoulder and 200 in the hams. I trimmed away a bunch of the skin on the hams and shoulders to expose some skin and make soem bark. I used onion powder, Tonys, black pepper. Cooked it the entire time skin side down with the hams toward the fire box. I was really moist and fell apart.

Cooked the brisket until it reached 180 and then removed it and put it in a foil pan with a can of coke and cover with foil and put it in my warmer box for about 5 hours. The smoke ring was unbelievable. It really did great and was all gone when everyone left.

Had the bacon and sausage for breakfast

Chicken wings as appetizers with the ABTs

Everything turned out really good and got tons of compliments.....

Heres the pictures

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It looks great PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif when doing hogs I just go ahead and split the spine completely and do the two halves I find it makes handling it much easier
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Impressed! which branch of the military were you cooking for? Nice job, thanks for the pics.
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Does it cook any different if split all the way????????
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How about a picture of your smoking outfit, I can see a TV and easy chair, sure would like to see a pic of the whole outfit, would love to work on something like that!
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Try this link. Its to my post about the cooker when I first got it. Has a bunch of photos...
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I skin mine when I butcher them then put the skin up ribs down I don't think it makes much difference when cooking then yours but it does make it easier to move it around and to place it on a platter
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when i was a kid, my father (USDA meat inspector and BBQ fiend) cooked 4-7 whole hogs every year for the county fair sandwich stand. we smelled like chared meat for weeks. we found it much easier to quarter the hogs before cooking them. its not as pretty but that way you could put the hind quarters over the hottest part and pull whatever got done first. it made the whole deboning process much smoother that way.
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That was one hell of a Qview, everything looked great.
Awesome job! Thumbs up, points, clapping hands to you and one fine smoke.
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No Lie..... SC, that's an impressive amount of meat you made and looking good the whole time. WOW! Beautifully done and looks like you pull this off every other weekend biggrin.gif

Congratulations, and points for everything.
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would love to have one of those wing racks.....home made?
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Yes! Excellent smoke.
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Very, very nice........points.
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Not enough pic's.....J/K.....fine work! Need I say more.....NO!
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I was curious if someone would notice the wing rack. I bought that at Wallyworld in the camping section. It was a campfire grate with fold in legs. I took the legs off and turned the grate over . I cut the legs shorter for handles and put screws in it. Worked like a champ. it held 10 pounds of wings perfect. i also used it for the fatties and pork candy I done. Makes it a lot easier to just slide it in and out. Im gonna go get 2 more and do the same thing with them....
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Nicely Done. Must have been quite a gathering you were smoking for.
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how was the crab boil on the brisket?
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Thanks for posting. A whole hog is a goal of mine...
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I use the Crab Boil on almost all my stuff. Its not that spicy as long as you dont over do it and you really dont need any salt.....Its good on almost everything
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Man that is a great looking cook!! Good Job!points.gif
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