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New from GA

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Hey ya'll, new guy on board, I see from some of the posts I'm not the only new one.

I'm trying my hand at smoking with what little info I've been able to glean off the web.

I do have a question tho. The smoker I have is one that was left in my shed when the last tenants moved out (I bought the house).

It looks like the black ones with the rounded tops that I've seen here, inside it has 2 solid metal pans, one fits inside the other. There's a rack below the bottom pan approx 8 to 9 inches.

I am assuming that the top 2 pans, at least one of them is used to put the coal and the woodchips on. What is the pan for that sits inside the bigger one?

Can someone help me with that?

Thanks for any info in advance.
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Welcome to SMF. Glad you joined us. Is the smoker a vertical or horizontal model. Do you have any other info on the smoker? A picture would be real handy.
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I'll take a pic of it and upload it here, if you can give me a tip on how to put it in the post that would help.

Be right back
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This is the easiest way to put pics up here.
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trying this again.. first time didn't take
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That is a Charbroil charcoal smoker. I have something similar but not exactly. The rack goes above the bowls. Lots of members have that smoker. I'm sure someone who is more familiar with that particular smoker will be along shortly and will be able to answer your questions better than I can.
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glad u found us-good info and people here
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I have a Charbroil like yours. Mine has 2 racks. There should be some metal brackets inside your smoker. One bowl goes on the bottom set of brackets for charcoal. The next set up is for the second bowl for water, or liquid of your choosing. The next brackets are for the grill (s). I hope this helps. I'm new too though.
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Welcome from a fellow Georgian. Looking forward to seeing some pics of your new smoker in action.
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