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idea for smoker?

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i want to make my own smoker
i am wondering if i could use this stainless steel tank to make a smoker

it has 20 inch diameter and is 4 feet long. i am only making a backyard smoker so i think this would be plenty big enough

what do yall think?
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I think you could make a nice smoker outta that as long as you can cut and weld stainless
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i hadnt thought of that
i can cut it, idk if i can weld it though
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I really don't know what is involved in welding stainless but if you can get it done it would be a great material to make one out of it should last forever and look awesome
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oh yea here is one just like it.

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i talked to my dad(im only 17) and he said you can weld stainless with a normal mig setup you just have to get stainless wire.
the only problem i can see it that i am going to make an offset smoker and the pipe i have for the firebox is normal steel so is would rust. do yall think i should go ahead and use the stainless anyway? or should i paint the stainless? to match the painted firebox?
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another thought...
has anyone ever tried to make a smoker outta a air compressor tank?
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oh yea heres one i made this was a 40 gal tank i bead blasted the inside and it works great
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how thick is the metal of the air compressor?
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