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Ribeye, Smoked Mushrooms And A Storm W/Qview

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After looking at all the fabulous Qview I didn't want to not contribute. Even though this is kinda simple stupid in comparison to most I'll at least share with the brothers and sisters here.

Nicely marbeled all natural rib steak.

Then a storm came up. It was like a hurricane, really bad.

15 minutes later it was over.



Here it is at 120'.

Weber is cranking.

4 minutes on one side 3 on the second.


Over done for me but Carol loved it.

Smoked at 150' with hickory and cherry.

That's all I did, kinda not a big deal compared to what most people did. I applauld all the fine posts here today and hope everyone had a great 4th.
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I cooked a hot dog, so you are one billion up on me! Looks like a DAMN fine piece of meat!
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That's one Shweeeeeet Ribeye!
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Ron, you always make the best looking steaks! That was another fine one, too~ and thanks for the rainbows PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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And now you have helped me decide what we are having for dinner tonight!
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good eats at the end of the rainbow thanks
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Looks great Ron. Thanks for sharing the weather pics, too.
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Your definely the men when it comes rib eyes. great job and thanks for the weather pics that's a nice rainbow.
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Nice looking rib steak, Ron.

Ma decided that tonight it's going to be sirloin steak and corn on the cob. I don't have the heart to tell her that dinner is going to be late tonight because we have a car show this afternoon.
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Nice meal, Ron. The view from your backyard makes sitting outside worthwhile!
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Thanks, yes the view here is killer. I tried to get some pics of the fireworks with no luck.

Sad news about the rainbow pics. During that time all I heard were sirens and had no idea what was going on. This mornings paper said several people were struck by lightning at the site of the fireworks display which is less than a mile from here. No word on their condition as of yet. I am glad I went into the house when the rain and lightining and thunder started. I guess you never know huh?
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good looking steak ron-sorry to hear bout the revlers
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