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Green Chicken & BBQ Chicken w/ pics

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I will update later when they're done.

Green Chicken & BBQ Chicken!

The green chicken was rubbed with bacon salt, ground black pepper, and lime zest, injected with lime juice, put 4 limes under the skin, and sat on top of a Bud Light Lime.

The BBQ chicken was just rubbed with Dave's Famous Rib Rub, injected with spicy honey BBQ sauce then sat on top of a Coke.

Both are smoking over a 50/50 mix of cherry and pecan wood.

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Looks good, sounds good too.
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Interesting idea with ingredents I never would have thought of. But it looks good so far. cann't wait till the end.
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Bob, you can't beat limes for that great summer flavor. I think you 've hit upon something here with your limey chickens, and I'm eager to see the pics and read the taste results!

Excellent originality! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Here they are cooking away! The one on the left is the lime one... lime beer, lime juice, lime zest outside and under the skin, and 2 limes halves in front and back under the skin. The lime zest on the outside does seem to have cooked to a brown color, but still tastes good!

They are getting close to being done, I'll update again after they finish.

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Both of the birds look really great. Gotta give points to the new idea on using limes with the chickens. I've not seen it before and the rub looked really good! Hope to see some more pics soon!
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Those are looking awesome PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif and sound really good
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Good looking birds so far!
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Okay, so in the heat of the moment I forgot to take finished pics. It was hot and we had cold beer, two smoked chickens, baked beans, grilled dogs, and other sides.

Anyway, they both turned out super tender and juicy, but with a nice crispy skin. I cranked up the heat at the end to crisp up the outside. The regular BBQ rubbed one over the Coke was most people's favorite (I figured it would be) as it fits with the typical "BBQ" style. Served it with 3 types of BBQ sauce.

The lime one was my fav. By the time it was done, the 4 lime halves (2 in front, 2 in back) under the skin had turned to mush but you could sure taste the lime in it along with the black pepper. The bacon salt seems to have just added the required salty flavor but wasn't overpowering. The Bud Light Lime seemed to give it a unique, but good flavor. Limey, peppery, juicy chicken. I ate it without any sauce and it was delicious.
Everyone said they love both.
These two birds got me thinking about new ideas already! icon_smile.gif
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interesting VERY interesting and they both look so comfortable sitting there. Points for the fresh idea.
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Nice flavor combos. Definately sounds like something I would like on my plate.
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I'm pretty sure those two birds were happy to be sitting in my smoker with me trying out something new, at least they acted like it. icon_wink.gif

And something I would like on my plate again!

At the end I spritzed the lime one a few times with a bourbon and apple cider vinegar mix, as well as cranked up the heat to crisp up the skin. I think next time I will spritz it with a bourbon and lime juice mix (isn't that a whiskey sour cocktail?) just to keep the flavors more consistent... but I really like lime anyway. icon_mrgreen.gif
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Thanks, yeah I thought it was time to try something different. Worked out fairly well for my first try at lime chicken.icon_smile.gif
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