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Ruined Brisket :^(

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Well I had planned a brisket smoke for the fourth with some wicked beans and venision brats....then my MES took a $hi@ on me in the night while i was getting some shut eye. still am doing the brats and beans but man what a dissapointment. I guess that's what happens with electric smokers some times. false sence of security. might just stick with wood smokers from now on...
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Bummer! You still have to look at how many turned out great compared to how many turned out bad... how many was your fault.... how many you can blame on someone else..... how many you can blame on your wife..... how many you ate before it was really finished..... compared to how many you can blame on a malfunction of your equipment.
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Crap, man! That makes two of us that lost a brisket this weekend. Mine had a cut in the vac-packaging and I was doing a water bath thaw....sux dude...

Better luck on the next one!

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i hear has turned out some good eatssorry to hear about your luck also...i guess it can't always go as planned
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sorry to hear that got1 - come on up to the hi-line and join us here. we've got some good eats today.
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I saw that....not to bad of a have your self a great 4th
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what brand of smoker do you have ?had my masterbuilt do the same thing and fixed it under a hr.. the heating element black wire was loose and and rusted or over heated anyway I pulled the heating element out and found it and cut and repaired and reinstalled and good day it has been working for 2 yrs now nock on wood
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bummer you have to hate when that happens but like pig said it has turned out many a good smoke. Maybe like bbq said it could just be a loose wire I'd check it out you never know. Just think you get to start looking for a new smoker and thats a cool feeling.
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Check out the search and you'll find some in depth threads on what goes wrong with the MES and how to fix it. Not much help when you are in the middle of a smoke but the fix for it seems to work and actually seems to be better than the original wiring. Good luck with it. Too bad your not closer..... I've cooked way more today than I can eat. Actually..... I'm cooking way more than I can eat. I'm smokin with the Oklahoma Joe for it's maiden voyage so I can't say how things will turn out. Watch for a thread later...
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Man, I feel for you. Bad deal all the way around.

Yet another reason to get an offset.
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exactly what i told my i will do the MES fix. just didn't work for today's smoke. everything turned out great any ways
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got1 -

in the meantime until you get the offset, i can promise you good Q if you get an ECB - mine hasn't failed me yet - the only failures ahve been my own.
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Sorry to hear that. That really is a bummer.PDT_Armataz_01_33.gif

Or build a drum. biggrin.gif

Get great charcoal flavor with the kind of temp stability (probably actually better stability) than an electric.

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