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Started my cook

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4.22 pound boston butt.

at 1.5 hours/lb = ~6.3 hours
at 2 hours/lb = ~8.4 hours

Therefore, my guess is it should be done sometime between 2:00 PM and 4:30 PM.

Temp around 225 degrees.

I put it in this morning at 7:30 AM. By 9:45 the meat is at 140 degrees. Is this going too fast? Or am I good to go?


On Edit: A few more details. This is being cooked in my 30" MES. I started the smoker with about 5 briquettes of charcoal in the chip basket (I find this helps keep temperature stable), and have been adding 1 briquette each hour. Adding hickory wood chips about every 30-40 minutes.
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Sounds good might be a bit quick but you may hit the stall and it make up for the quick start biggrin.gif Are you spritzing/mopping and if so with what? Are you gonna foil or finish it neckid? Take some pics for us if ya can
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I've spritzed just once. I try not to open up the door to the MES if I can.

I am planning to foil at about 165.
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As long as you maintain that temp you cannot be too quick. The meat follows its own path, sometimes they zip right along with little or no stall and other times it will just crawl slowly along, then stall till the cows come home. If the meat is done more quickly than you thought it would be, you can always wrap it first in foil then in a couple of old towels and into a cooler to rest up till the meal is ready.
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3:00 here. It stayed at 163 for quite a while (the stall). Eventually, got up to 165 at about 2:00 and I foiled it up. Currently at 185. Planning to take it to 200, then pull.

Can't wait, I'm getting hungry.
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You're doing fine. Looking forward to seeing some qview. smile.gif
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Sounds on the money to me. You will have a wonderful supper!
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Just keep going your almost there. Now you can relax and enjoy a good smoke.
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