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4th of July Ribs and Chicken

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This will be sort of on-going and I will add pictures as I take them. Going to do 2 slabs of babyback ribs and a few thighs and breasts and some bbq beans. Just the wife and I today so keeping it small.

I rubbed the ribs down this morning with my own rub, typical ingredients, brown sugar, onion powder, chili powder, granulated garlic, cayenne, dry mustard, kosher salt, fresh ground pepper, sweet paprika and cumin and then put the ribs out for an hour to let as much moisture as possible dry off. Smoking wet ribs is a no-no.

The chicken is just marinating in the cheapest Italian dressing I can get my hands on.
Later on when the meats of the day get close to getting done, I'll sauce them down.

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Sounds like me (both with the agenda for the day and for the recipe).

My ribs are going on in just a couple minutes.
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Very nice. The smoke coming off your basket looks like a sexy tinkerbell.
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Looking good. Keep us updated.
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I need a lighter like that...
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Lord Palpatine smokes?
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Hey - where do you get those magic fingertips that shoot lightning like that? Sure as heck beats a weedburner! icon_cool.gif

Good looking meal!
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