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hello smokers.....

new to this forum and to smoking. Only have 2 smokes under my belt--pork loin and chicken wings, both went well.

Question--can somebody explain the "danger zone" to me? Searching for it on here I find lots of talk of it, but not much explanation. Today I'm doing sausage stuffed pork loins and all the talk of danger zones has me a bit concerned as it's a windy cold rainy day here and my temps only hovering around 200 at the grate of my Brinkman 2-door vertical smoker.

Thanks for any help!
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Welcome to SMF glad you joined us. Basically the Danger Zone is from 40-140 degrees and you want to get your meat from 40-140 in under 4 hours. There are some ways around this but for most practical applications this is a good rule. If smoking Butts or Briskets an easy way to extend this rule is to not puncture the meat for several hours into the smoke.
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thanks Pineywoods...

this is exactly the simple answer I was looking for!
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Welcome to SMF! I don't have many more smokes than you under my belt - today will be my 6th! biggrin.gif
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welcome to smf.
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Welcome to SMF. Glad you joined us.
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Welcome to the SMF. Glad to see that you have already had some successes. Smoking can be quite addictive and the rewards are so much fun to eat.

Don't be afraid to ask questiions , we love to answer them.

Remember We all love qview ( pictures of BBQ ) especially of your first smokes.
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it's very addictive....

the loin turned out amazing....

my wife got me the smoker for Father's she think's I'm cheating on her with the smoker and by reading this forum.....!
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keep feeden her she'll come around
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welcome to SMF-piney set u right-and ya your new mistress is your smoker-tell wife to get used to it.
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Enjoy the wealth of information that you can gain on here

Happy SmokeN'
Sunny St. Petersburg, FL
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Glad you joined. Safety zone is much more important when dealing with poultry. Simple answer is keep your smoker over 200F and always use a digital thermometer.

Good Luck
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