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The Danger Zone is the area where bacteria live and can cause harmful results if food is eaten. When your food is between 40º - 140º that bacteria is thriving.

You want to get through this temp zone as soon as possible (less than 4 hours) to prevent sickness and to kill the bacteria.

Personally I would probably finish cooking it and eat it - but I won't recommend that you do so.

Let us know what you decided to do buster.
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Simple rule...... Temp of the meat must not be between 40 degrees and 140 degrees for more than 4 hours.
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If you keep the smoker temps at 225-250 getting thru the "Danger Zone" is usually not any problem. If the meat in this thread had made 140 in 5 hours I might have taken a chance but it didn't and its just really not worth risking my family's health for a 15-20 dollar piece of meat
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We have a whole forum dedicated to food safety, which would be a heading the "danger zone" falls under. It's not as much reading as it looks:
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Finish this out

I just wanted to round out this thread and post my final thoughts. I went ahead and finished the smoke yesterday, but I wouldn't serve it to anyone else. I went ahead and ate some (we'll see if I die). The worst part is, it was the best pulled prok I have made to date. It was simply amazing...LOL.

Figures. Anyway, thanks again for all of the advice. I think too that if I take a nap again, I will, as suggested, wait until the meat reaches 140 before I go pass out. Also, I will no longer puncture the meat prior to being in the smoke for a couple of hours.

All in all, I am nearly certain the meat is fine, but like everyone said, it was just not worth the risk getting my family and friends sick. If It is just me, I can live with it. If I don't turn up sick in a couple of days, I can at least get some good sammies for the wife and kid later this week.

And yes, I have been schooled!
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Good idea you may very well be fine with it but I just couldn't recommend you serve it. I don't put a probe into the larger cuts of meat until about 3.5 hours into the smoke.
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That's some good advice. I use a IR therm unit to make sure the outside of the meat is above 140F before I probe the meat.
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You really should pitch it and forget about it. I know money and food hurts to waste, but it was an accident after all.
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