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Sweet smokey birch

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I was working in the yard at work and came across a stand of birch. Boss man said I could have as much as I wanted PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif. I cut three trees all roughly 4-6" in diameter. I like birch cause it burns good and hot. It is a fairly dense hardwood so burns long.

This was the first time I have smoked with birch and let me tell you mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I am hooked the taste is similar to maple but I found it to be sweeter and gives a nice dark pink smoke ring

I did some pork shoulder blade steaks. I hit them with a little steak spice and smoked at 300 for around an hour.

Sorry not more pics, thanks for checkin out my thread.
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Nice to know, I picked up a little just yesterday.
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Nice score on the wood and nice smoke on the steaks. Looks great!
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I use the bark from Birches to light fires, it produces a heavy thick smoke. Does it do that while still on the logs? I know it smells awesome while burning though. I never thought to use it for smoking because of that smoke from the bark, sometimes it's thick and black smoke. There are oils in the bark ( it'll light even while soaking wet) and I'm wondering if they affect the food? Peace, Wanbli
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Yeah sorry about that I peel the bark off the log first so there is none of that nasty black smoke. I have been told that the smoke from birch bark is toxic. Kind of a pain in the butt but (lol) I think it is worth the effort for great smoke.
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Thanks for the heads up D, I never knew it was good for smokin.
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Birch is listed on the list in the section for wood to use for smokin. It say nothing about the bark having to be removed though.
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