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Beef Shawteys and some beans! Qview

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Smoked my first shorties this past weekend. Rubed half with a Chipotle and Cinnamon (sweet and smokey), and Marinated half with Some store bought Chipotle stuff, did a 3-2-1 (maybe a little less) on them...smoked with cherry and spritzed with some juice my son was drinkingicon_wink.gif, in the foil I put a half a can of Miller Light in each foil packet. My favorite was the Maranaded was all good. Oh and the beans where dutches wicked beans (modified). Hope you enjoy my qview...
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Nice looking shortie there coffee. they sound alittle hot with chipotle and all. But thats the way I like them.
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I like the recipe you chose for those short ribs. Great idea.
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Hey, dang nice food there! Congratulations on the smoke.
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How did you modify the beans? How were they? I am making Dutch's beans in 8 hours and like to hear how the changes went. Nice looking ribs!
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I did the snake bite version except I used Sweet Baby Rays Original Qsauce and added some tapatio for the heat....and seasoned the bacon with some tony chacheries cajun flavor when I cooked it....the beans turned out fantastic, the pinapple was awesome in them....I am doing a double batch today!
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man that all looks good !!!!
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