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i would shop that price because it is pretty high...


Also take into concideration that it is 16"x16" which is not wide enough for a slab of ribs or large brisket to lay flat on the shelf...

The Landmann GOSM Big Block is @4" wide and a proven performer at only $199.99 from Bass Pro.

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Th smoker doe's real good .... after I did the needle valve mod on it. She was way to hot to do Venison sausage when I got it home. It was around 225* on low... now she is at about 110* on low and can get it up to about 225* on the highest setting. I did some snack sticks in it and they came out awesome....I Really like having 6 racks in it also, instead of 4 racks, like I have in my smaller GOSM.

I just got done doing some smoked salmon in the smokers the other day. I had a guy bring over 50lbs of it and he told me if I smoke them for him he would give me half of them. And now I have alot of smoked Salmon in the freezer... he didn't have to ask me twice!.... LOL

Thanks, Blza
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WOW... What a STEAL..!!

I got the 36" from cabelas...& it is the best.

I just bought the 48"... not the same.. they changed manufactures.. lot of flaws... no Vents in the bottom, (sides).. gonna have to drill hole & put a damper..the smoke box is way to high from flame..( it`s porcelin)..
try to season it & the wood did not burn..?? gonna have to build a platform on bottom close to flame so wood will smolder..Hell they had them on sale for 220.00 ->
0% interest...marked down from 300.00.. not worth the money

Will have to take pics & post so you guys can see ...Old design VS. new..??...
Wish they never changed design & manufacture ...I would have paid the money for the Stainless steel...only regret I have is not getting the 48" yrs. ago when I started this hobby !!

SO yes You got a bargin of the lifetime...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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