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$135's... Nice find!!!

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Hey, I got this at a yard sale yesterday and thought I would see if anyone has the same one. It is 16"x16"x 48" tall. I got it for $135 !!!! Not sure what the original price would of been? Any Ideas??
I think I got an Ok deal?? Gonna fire it up this w-end I hope.
Thanks , Blza[/IMG][/IMG]

The Pics. aren't posting!!! Can anyone help me out ... Thanks!!!
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I got red X's here no pics are you using a hosting site like Photobucket for the pics?
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Pineywoods... I am using photobucket...Not sure what to do???
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When you put the cursor over the picture in Photobucket a box should pop up with several choices click on the bottom choice "IMG code" then right click on it and hit copy then go to where you want to put the picture and place the cursor there then right click and hit paste. Do not save pictures any larger than 640x480 or they will not post here correctly
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I thought I did well....Not sure of the original price....someone must have an Idea. For $135 I couldn't pass it up.

Happy 4th of July, Blza
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I think I got it... I am at 320x240 pixel I think. I think it worked. Thanks for the help... Just got to be smarter then the computer!LOL
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Are you saying you got that stainless smoker for 135??
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Stainless!!!! and 6 shelvs too!! im jelous.....LOL
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What a great deal! $135, wow!
Sure is shiny, you could shave in front of that thing.
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All that for 135.00 You better keep your eyes out behind you for the law thats was a steal. Happy smokin
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Rite fine lookin smoker an sure that was a fine deal. Gonna take a fair mount a work ta keep her that shiny but well worth it.
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Pretty neat, Good deal you got, congratulations PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Very nice, you done good on your purchase !!!
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Yep... I got it for $135 !!! They were asking $150, but I stole it for $135. I am happy with it. I couldn't turn it down once I seen it.... I didn't really need another smoker.... but, I got one smoker might as well have two. Right?

Does anyone know who the manufacturer might be. It is set up very similiar to a GOSM but I dont think they made a stainless steel smoker. I could be wrong!

Well, I Wish everyone a Happy 4th of July!!! And Hit them Yardsales... you never know what you may find!

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Excellent score. I'm jealous too. I hope it smokes as well as it looks. I'll give you $ 150 for it. j/k. Enjoy it man that was a steal.
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Excellent find and a danged good price too. GOSM did make a stainless model (FYI) But I don't know if that is one of them. There should be a plate on it somewhere with some info. Look on the back of the unit.

I'll give ya $10 for it icon_mrgreen.gif
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BTW your original images had an extra http:// at the front of it ... that's why they didn't show up. You probably didn't need to edit the size at all. Just copy the IMG codes and paste that directly into your posts and you're all set.
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it's a weston

or prago trade, sells for over $500 from northerntool. I was about to get one, how does yours perform so far? $135 is a heck of a deal.

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Thats the best Polished piece of S/S I have ever seen.
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...and i thought i found good deals!!! Way to go with that find!!!!!
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