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Picnic shoulder, brisket and ribs

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Since I am doing mostly pork on this cook I decided to post here.
I am doing my first overnighter (and boy am I tired)
Put a 10 pound pork shoulder on the Egg last night at 8:45
Using cherry and apple. The pork is rubbed with a clightly modified recipe from Smoke and Spice and the brisket is rubbed with Heffer Dust.

At 2:00 this morning, I added an 8 pound brisket

Everyone all happy....

Trimmed up 2 racks of spares and prepped about 40 SBTs. Those will go on tomorrow.
that's all for now -
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Wow that shoulder is looking real nice Elly, Have fun and get a little sleep.
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Nice looking shoulder. Can't wait to see the rest of the pics.
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Pork @ 168*
Brisket @ 148*
Firing up the Klose for the spares and ABTs
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Great start! What are you putting in the ABT's?
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We went basic - we used the small sweet salad peppers, cream cheese, a chedder mix and Plowboys Yardbird rub. They have been hanging out in the fridge since last night.
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Looking good, Elly. The butt looks real nice.
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Looks good Elly, I hope you are not using the same stuff we call heffer dust up here. biggrin.gif Akin to road apples PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

Is that the regular sized BGE?

PS Your pork shoulder would make a vegan drool. ( but don't give them any )
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Ribs have been on the klose about an hour- using cherry and apple splits. I forgot what a fuel hog that can be.

Gnu - ummm... no, not the same heffer dust you folks have - this is a product put out by the Spicewine folks.
The Egg is a large.... and I love it.... :-) it's is one versatile cooker. I really want a second to add to the arsenal but I can't justify it for just Big Al and me, espscially since we have the Klose too.
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Man that shoulder looks awesome and the brisket sounds good I really like everthing on apple and cherry my favorite 2 woods. Graet job so far
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Post Pics

The shoulder came off the Egg at 2:45 pm on Friday. 18 hours for a 10 pound shoulder.

The bones pulled right out.

The brisket came off at the same time - almost 13 hours for an 8 pounder. Probably one of the best briskets we have done.

No more room in the Egg so we fired up the Klose and tossed the ribs in - Cooked over cherry and apple

After about 6 hours they got pulled...

Then the SBTs went on -

Made cobblers - peach and blueberry...

So there is it. A long night/day but worth it in the end.
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Ellymae that is some fantastic food you put out. Those cuts were picture perfect and magazine quality. I've only said that once before to one other person on the SMF, so you can take that to the bank~ serious.

Points to you. points.gif
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Thanks for the nice words Rivet, much appreciated. It was a long day, but the smiles on the faces of the folks eating made it worth while.
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Wow Ellymae, thats just beautiful...Any chance you could adopt me?
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Wow that all looks awesome PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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LOL - just remember - I don't cook that way all the time!
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Lookin real good!
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Hi Ellyma,

Im kinda new at this. I just had aquestion on those abts. Do see habaneros in thereicon_wink.gif If so whatcha stuffed em withPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Good looking grub Ellymae...Nice job
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Thanks folks.

Hi there -
No - those are not habaneros, they are small sweet salad peppers. The in-laws don't eat anything spicier then black pepper so even jalapenos are out of the question and habs are way too hot for me biggrin.gif

These are a nice change of pace. I stuffed them with a brick of cream cheese mixed with a chedder blend and some Plowboys Yardbird rub. Wrapped in some cheap thin sliced bacon and on the Egg for about 90 minutes @ 230 (I don't like the bacon crispy)
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