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help on a gosm bb

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Hey anyone know where to get a good outdoor cover for a gosm bb??? I cant believe it didnt come with one........ cheap %$#&*@'s Do they actually expect you to take that monster in every night?? I see some people put it on wheels and roll it into the garage, but my property does not led itself to that solution. Bass Pro shops where I bought it didnt seem to sell one.PDT_Armataz_01_33.gif
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I did a quick search for gosm covers. Couldn't find any but I did find an outfit that will make a custom one for you. However with a little reading I decided that it may not be such a good Idea.

You send them $5.00 and they will look at your specifications and send you a quote on how much the cover will be......

For what its worth....

Personally I'd give them a pass. I know that if you gave any good upholsterer specs on something they could easily tell you how much it would cost without charging you $5.00
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I found one made for a different brand vertical smoker and it fits fine. Can't remember where I got it from either Lowe's, Walmart, or Gander Mountain
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I just bought a grill cover and it hangs over the edges a little bit. It seems to work fine.
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Yup, Lowes...Home Depot....check out the grill covers and get a cheap one to drape over the BB. I got a grill cover $16.00 to drape/cover my Smoke Vault. You could also try those Contractors trash bags...the big ones. Those should last until you find the correct one for your BB.
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ok, thanks

ok thanks all
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Check out these ones at Cabelas , they might have one that will fit yours. the bradley is a fairly large smoker .
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