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shoulder clod

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Hi all, quick question, is the shoulder clod the same thing as a chuck roast, from what i hear most clods are about 13 pounds and most chucks ive seen about 3lbs. If not could i smoke a chuck roast and do i pull or slice.

Also what other cuts of beef are good for q, i know brisket,tri tip,clod, and ribs any others.ThanksPDT_Armataz_01_41.gif
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Chucks are the buisiness!

I've never done a clod but can say for certain that chucks are awesome! I think they even taste better than brisket. AND I LOVES ME SOME BRISKET! The other good thing about a 3-4 lb chuck is that you can get them done in 8 hrs or less. Great pulled for sammies. We like to make french dips. other wise slicing is great too if you want it to be more like a roast experience. YUM!

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The shoulder is below the chuck (see diagram below - very rough drawing but gets the message across) on the forequarter of a steer.

The shoulder clod comes off the right side of the shoulder; the left side has the shoulder joint in it (where the shank is cut off from) and has quite a bit of tendon/connective tissue holding the muscles to it and is usually used for pot roast or soup.

Pops ยงยง
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I like to smoke roasts for thin sliced sammie meat. I just did a eye round, but it didn't seem as flavorful as the top rounds I've done before.
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Shoulder clods are wonderful smoked as are chuck rolls. They range from 14-28 lbs where I get them. I like the Excel cyrovacked ones the best.
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