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Help with timing

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Just got back from store and this is what I picked up....Back Ribs...Pork Shoulder Boston Butt (14lbs.)....Brisket Flat (6lbs.). Can you guys tell me the order and how long each one might take to cook. Making pulled pork with butt. Also I think I would like to serve ribs first.
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If I were doing this cook I would put the shoulder on first. After a few (3) hours stick the brisket in. The baby backs will only take 4.5 to 5 hours. The other 2 you can look at roughly 1.5 hours per pound.

That pork shoulder could be an all niter if you're looking at an early dinner. When the brisket gets done, most likely before the pork, you can wrap in foil and cooler it wrapped in some towels. It will keep hot for quite some time like this.
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Looks like I will be getting up early for the shoulder. We are eating around 7PM.
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Like rick said, the ribs will be done by time ( 2-2-1 or so )...The other 2 items are hard to tell......Ive had a butt that big take 22 hours and the brisket could have a mind of it's own......... Smoking temps would effect the outcome as well..... Give yourself plenty of time and just use the foil and cooler method to help ya time everything out.....Dont forget to post the pictures biggrin.gif
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Or staying up all night
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I am reading that some people put brisket in a foil pan. Is it OK to put right on my grates. My wife like a crispy outside. If I understand my ribs should go 2 hours on grate..then wrap in foil for 2 more hours....Is it 1 hour back on with no foil or do i wrap ribs in towel and put into a cooler?
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Is it possible to cut the butt so it is not so large? What is a normal size butt for making pulled pork..8 people are eating and one guy I call Kong!
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Yes, 2 hours on the grate no foil, foil them with some liquid added for another 2 hours. Something like apple juice and Capt Morgan rum works great. The last hour is to give the ribs a bit of body after the foil. I did mine with 45 minutes on the final leg.
You can indeed put the brisket straight on the racks. I foil mine when it reaches 160F and take it to a temp of 190 for slicing and 205F for pulling (my favorite). I also use the apple juice mixtue on the brisket and shoulder. Make sure to foil that shoulder too, same temp.
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Yup, Rick has ya covered.. Happy smokes !!
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This is my first smoke..what temp do I wrap the shoulder and do I keep it wrapped?
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And Thank You for the help
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Wrap it at 160F and take to a temp of 205F for pulling, yes keep it foiled.
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Glad to be of help. All the folks here help to guide each other along. I didn't know anything before I joined this great place.
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I'll tell you what I didn't early I have to get up to put that shoulder in! I did get myself a nice temp probe,2 probes. maverick. That many hours I well have to watch my beer intake
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I found some rub recipes for ribs..would you use the same type of rubs on brisket? Is it just a matter of your own taste or is one rub better than another? Also, do I put anything on the shoulder considering I will be using it for pulled pork sandwiches with some type of BBQ sauce.
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The rib recipe should work fine on the brisket. (Although i would use something else on the brisket just to find out which i prefered)... Most definately use it on the shoulder... A lot of people slather it with mustard first as it helps the rub stick.... And yes, rubs are pretty much a matter of taste .. We all have our favorites..
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I agree with the basic pork rub on the ribs and shoulder but not on the brisket. What I like is a peppery type rub on beef. Garlic powder, salt, onion powder, red pepper, paprika and black pepper (heavy) is the type I use.
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Your getting some solid advice. The key is to make sure you give yourself a TON of time. Like the others have said, any Brisket or Butt could take forever. Keep in mind it's well worth it. Go by temp not time. If it were me I'd be firing up the smoker about midnight. Of course I like to stay up late, smoke, and drink!
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