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Getting Good Smoke

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I have a Char-Griller Pro that works fairly well, but I'm having difficultly generating a good smokey favor.

If I put chunks in the firebox, they just catch fire and burn the paint off the box. I can adjust the vent, but it doesn't help that much.

One time I started a small fire in the chamber and then put an inverted aluminum pan on top. That worked, but I had a hot spot inside and the smoke smoldered out quickly.

What's the best (and easy) way to make nice blue smoke in this thing? What do you guys do?

BTW, I've tried all types of wood oak, maple, hickory, mesquite, apple, etc.


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I don't own your type of rig, but plenty of folks on the site do and should be along shortly to help ya out. One question I do have, are you trying to burn straight wood in the firebox, or are you using a mixture of hardwood lump charcoal (or regular charcoal) in addition to the wood?
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Typically a mix of plain Kingsford and lump.
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Your description of the issue is quite odd.

I suggest you go back to basics: Do a couple racks of ribs. Use a basket of charwood lump, and scatter a pint of soaked mesquite chips into it. Rest assured they won't burn away instantly; they will smolder a bit, thereby generating smoke. Only AFTER you get a good smokey flavor from this, start experimenting with other woods & methods.
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After you have your smoker going up to temp with the charcoal, put a chunk or two of hickory (or other wood of your choice -- mesquite is kind of strong biggrin.gif) in the corners of the firebox near, but not on top of, the lit charcoal.

Controlling the distance between the wood chunks and the hot part of the coals is a good way to get the chunks smoldering but keeps them from catching fire. Also remember if you smell smoke, you're smoking. You don't necessarilly have to see it.

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