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Italian Fatties w/ Q-view

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Decided to try a couple Italian Fatties....Chubs with Italian Blend Cheese and Hot Calabrese, Pepper Salami, and Hot Capocollo. Enjoy

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Looks like a great start on some fine eating PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Looks great! I think a fattie will be on the menu for this weekend. Haven't done one in quite a while. Looking forward to seeing more qview.
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Good grief Cajun! That's some outstanding looking fattie assembly there....what with the excellents meats and the beautifula bacon weave~ got to give you points for that alone and they aren't even done yet.

Good Deal! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifpoints.gif
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Thanks...Thanks for the points Rivet...It's getting there. Sitting at 130
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a couple of works of art there - looking forward to the finsihed product!
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Really nice looking fatties, Cajun! Love the bacon weavework on those beauties.
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Thanks Laurel...sitting at 152 right now....

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Yanno ... those are so beautiful I think they should be shellacked (sp) and provided as a trophy in the next fatty throwdown ... PDT_Armataz_01_06.gificon_cool.gif
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That's the one!

Well i saud I was scheming up a fatty for the weekend and I think you just changed my mind for at least one of em.I have to do this! Great idea. Not the cheapest fatty I'm sure, but definitely a tasty looking creation. I'm makin it!

Thanks for the great idea. Think I might even use spicy italian sausage too.

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Thanks. Dog, you are right, would be great w/ the Italian sausage...
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Man those are some torpedos! Can't wait to see them sliced! I was drooling at the raw meat pics.
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Thanks. finally they are good...

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FAN-tastic looking!

I hit some smforum folks up a week or two ago for some advice because might always leak/explode/hemmorage/etc...

Those close up pics of yours are worth a 1000 words!

You REALLY don't have to try and stuff too much in there to get a good result. Yours look like they have a good amount of filling, without overdoing it. Bravo!
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Great job! Extra points for the crisp bacon!
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Definely a jam up job there cajun. Nicely smoked with alittle crisp to the bacon I did notice a nice tight weave you had there. very good choice of filling also points.gif
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Awesome Cajunsmoke13.

If/when i do a fattie the one you did or something with my green chiles from garden ...or both is in order.

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