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Turkey breast

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I posted this in roll call but thought I would also give it a try here.

So I also come here looking for a little help. I have been asked to smoke some turkey breast and deep fry chickens for the 4th. I have done a couple of breast but not a pro. They bought 4 jeenie-o chicken brest around 5 pounds and they have a solution or brine of 8 %. Do I want to brine again or inject with a butter garlic mix. Also I have a cook shack 008 that I will be cooking them in I hope they fit. Just wondering if there is a guess on time. I will be cooking to temp and guessing 4 hrs at 250 but looking for a time to start them. Thanks alot for any help. Also does anyone have a good inject for deep fryed chickens.
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I have not smoked turkey breasts but...if it where me I would not brine again...no reason too IMO. I have smoked whole chickens...around 4-5 lbs and they take around 3-4 hours so I think you should be right in there at 4 hours....If they get done early you could always wrap them in tin foil then in a bunch of dish towels and place in a dry cooler...they should stay hot for several hours that way.....
For injecting chicken I usually go to the local sportsmans store and buy the injectable marinade...and maybe add some wiskey...then a good dry rub before deep frying.
Just My two cents.
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Here's the turkey injection that I use & love it.
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I to have a 008 and I think you will be able to fit the 4 no problem. I have never had one take 4 hours but I am usually only doing 1 at a time so doing 4 may take a little longer for the smoker to come to temp.

Oh and I have always pulled at between 158 and 162, wrapped and they have turned out great.
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