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Midweek Spares w/Reviews & QView

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Bunch of firsts today - first time to use the Smokenator in my Weber, first time to use the Maverick ET-73 I bought and the first time I used Jeff's Rub and Sauce with my ribs.

All set up:



Smokenator - I liked using it. I had trouble at times keeping the temp below 260* but that's because my Weber lid leaks. I thought I'd have trouble adding coals but it went pretty well. I used the top vent as recommended to control the temps and that worked also.

Maverick ET-73 - I only used the probe for the smoker and didn't set any alarms. It was nice to monitor temps from my recliner! I did have an "episode" where it was reading 232* for a while and then went to three dashed lines. I checked the outdoor unit and it had the same three dashed lines so I turned the units off, restarted them and then all was good again. Turns out my fire had gone out and I had to hurriedly start some coals!

Jeff's Rub and Sauce - I liked the rub but the sauce just blew me away! I ate a couple of ribs with the sauce and that's unusual but I had to have it! I'd recommend anyone who hasn't bought these recipes to do so.
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V....that look's great! Nothing better!
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Nice looking ribs...
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Very nice looking ribs. great job and learning with a new toy.
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Nice job! Those sure are some meaty ribs!
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Great looking ribs you got there! Glad you took a chance and tried all those new things at once. And even happier it all worked out like a charm.
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Very nice looking ribs there. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thanks all, they're just Kroger Ribs $1.99/lb. biggrin.gif
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Looks great!!!!! Ibet the ribs did not last long..
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Nice Looking Ribs.

I have the same problem with my Weber & Smokenator set up and how it leaks. I got a four large binder clips and clamp down the lid, works like a charm. I also went to Home Depot and picked up the 22.5 grill grate that is hindged so you can just fold it back to add more coals or wood.

Keep up the good work.
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