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I've only ever prepared St. Louis and Babybacks. Sams had some decent priced spares the other day. Does anyone actually cook them without trimming them back to St. Louis style?

I passed because I didn't feel like turning my kitchen into a slaughter house, and didn't know what to expect if I cooked them without trimming them.

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I haven't smoked them any other way except to just remove the flap, and the small end piece of meat up to the first soft bone.

I've been doing them 3 to 4 - 1.5 - 0.5+ and get great results that way.

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I don't usually trim them either
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If yer not out to impress...your business. I alway's take the time to do em St. Louie style. The trimming's we use for green's and the skirt become's a kabob for the grand daughter.
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steve - the only way we can seem to get them up here are untrimmed, so i have had some experience with this. i don't do too much except trim off the flap of skin while i am doing the membrane and then slather it with mustard and rub just like usual. i have read where peole simply cut three or four slits in it and leave it on - the purpose of cutting the slits is to let it get done at the same time as the rest of the ribs.

other than that, i usually cut my slabs of ribs into three or four racks right between the ribs, just for the sake of portioning and because when i used my ECB, they fit better that way. there's also a big meaty strip that i slather and rub. here is a pic - the spare ribs are off to the right cut into three sections - the stuff on the left is beef back ribs and short ribs:

a person could do this, or, i think could siply slit the flap a few times as i described above.

i d love spares for their flavor - they are a bit more work than baby backs, but in my opinion they are worth it.
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God I think I smoked the whole thing. I vote for untrimmed.
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I've done them both ways but prefer to trim them to St. Louis style. I use the trimmings for bean soup or predinner munchies.
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I always used to smoke the whole thing right out of the package. It's more work getting to the real ribs but tastes just as good. Mop your flap and tips so they don't dry out.
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