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Weekend Ribs with Pics

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I posted asking on some different ideas on ribs. I got some suggestions and this is what I tried.

1 Rack with Cherry Koolaid
1 Rack with Salsa
1 Rack with a Honey and Apple Juice Glaze
1 Rack with Apricot, crushed red pepper, black pepper, apple juice
2 Racks Baby Backs Normal rub and Mustard
1 Turkey breast
2 dozen ABTS with Pepper Jack, Cream Chees mix

The Apricot was the best and made the ribs real sticky with just a little heat.
The Koolaid was good but
The best was the salsa. I put it on the last 30 minutes but I should have done it 2 hours or so early. I also think it cooled the meat down so next time I will heat it first

The Bad news is my camera battery crapped out before I finished so I did not get my usual 200 pictures but I got some and here they are......Enjoy

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Don't you love the sight of a full smoker? Everything looks delicious.
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full smoker

looks great bet it tastes great too.
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That was exactly what I was thinking Dawn! Great looking smoke!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Very nice...I love seeing all of that smoked food. Looks like a job well done.
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Great looking Smoke.....Those ABTs look really inviting. Congratulations and thanks for sharing the views. Its 5:38 am where I am and I wish I could be having some of your Smokes for breakfast instead of my coffee and toast.
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how do you prepair the ribs with the koolaid
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I use unsweetened Black Cherry Koolaid and Brown Sugar as a rub. I got the idea on here. Search for Koolaid and the thread should come up. Its good and nolt what I expected at all........
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Excellent smoke, everything looks great and the ideas are quite original. Points to ya for the qvue!
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Cherry kool-aide... interesting... good looking grub!
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Nicely done, aint it great to have lotsa room to compare different tastes?

Another Lang Brother, taking the Q world by storm!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Very nice spread!!! Looks like you are cooking for an army, and I know they will be full and happy when all is said and done!
Thanks for the QVIEW!!!
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