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Smoked BBQ Chicken.

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Was making this chicken today and was gonna do Beer Butt Chicken. Decided to butterfly her open and smoke then finished on the hot webber kettle.

I brined in hungarian paprika, lemon, and salt. Then applied my rub onto it. Sprayed with apple juice at the 1 hour mark and it was done at the 2 hour mark.

Also did the corn in the smoker

Breast in the shape of a heart. BBQ Love.

All Plated up.

Thanks for viewing.
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Looks great Bmudd. Can you give a lesson on how you do that chicken breast? I would love to learn how to do that.
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That's a good looking chicken! Thanks for the pics.
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Looks great nice job!!
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With it laid out in the butterfly position cut the wings off then the leg and thigh off. You will be left with the breast. Is that what you wanted to know how to do?
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Great work Brian, looks delicious.
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chicken breast

Sure is thanks.
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Nice! That looks delicious. Love the heart. biggrin.gif
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Nicer lookin bird ya got. :)
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looks friggin awesome brian!!! that a commercial sauce you brushed on there or one a your own??? looks like yo ate good at your house!!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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That's some goof looking dinner! Your sauce looked very pretty, too PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Brian - that meal looked mighty fine. What kind of glaze what that you put on the chicken? I'm not a big fan of smoked chicken but adding that to the bird near the end of the smoke looks like it adds some flavor kick! points.gif
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It is a commercial sauce but it doesnt taste it. What I do it put the sauce on then put rub on top of that and once it mixes it take like a awesome homemade sauce.

And I must say it was awesome Erain.

Laurel you are right added that to the end of it gives it that little extra to make it great.

Thanks for all the comments.
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