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Its my birthday tomorrow and want to attempt my first fattie going with an italian one. What size ziploc bag? I now see how to do the bacon weaver, how do you roll and get it nice and tight? Any mid roll pics?

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Nice looking fattie and bacon weave.

awesome looking fattie and bacon weave. I was intimidated by the bacon weave until I tried it and found out how easy it was.

As for rolling out the fattie in a ziploc bag.... I don't. The size of my family warrants using two pounds of meat for the roll and I have not found a ziploc big enough and choose to make one big fattie as opposed to two smaller ones.

What I do is lay out some saran wrap and spray it with Pam.... and then cover with another piece of saran wrap and roll it out.

When I am done, I find that the saran wrap (underneath) really helps aide in rolling the fattie with a minimum of effort and tearing of the sausage / burger.

Here is a qview....

( I found that by placing the saran wrap on a flat cookie sheet, that I can turn the whole fattie as I am working and do not have to lift it up in order to place in the freezer for firming...I just slip the whole cokkie sheet in and then slide it off the cookie sheet into the smoker.)

The Finished Product...

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FMCowboy--A 1-gallon ziplock works well for 1-1.5# of sausage that you're starting with, and cheap store brand bags work just as well as the brand name bags. Don't spray Pam or anything inside the bag to prevent the sausage sticking to the bag, just keep it good and cold. Try to get as much air out of the bag as you can while you're rolling the sausage flat. I 'burp' mine several times while I'm rolling it; others suggest not sealing the bag in the first place. Once it's flat, put the sausage and the cutting board it's on back in the freezer to stiffen up, 15-30 minutes.

When it's cold, slit the sides of the bag with scissors, and you should be able to peel the plastic off the top of the sausage with minimal sticking. Put your fillings on, staying away from all edges of the sausage, and don't try to heap too much on. Use the plastic bag to help you fold your sausage roll onto itself, and pinch the lengthwise seam and both ends closed.

Your bacon weave should be laid out on its own plastic wrap. Set your sausage roll on it, and use the plastic to help you wrap the bacon weave around the sausage roll. I try to have the seam in my bacon wrap NOT line up with the seam in my sausage roll. Pinch the plastic on the ends of your fattie and push the fattie away from you, letting it roll on the counter. Lift it up, using a finger or two to keep it from unrolling, and set it back down close to you. Push it away again; carry it back again. Repeat. Repeat. Etc. You should end up with something resembling a tootsie roll. Tuck the ends of the plastic under your fattie to keep it from unravelling, and rest it in the fridge. This will help prevent it coming apart while you transfer i to your smoker.

That's the best I can describe the process. I don't have any mid-roll pics, but it almost takes video to show the process. Someone should be along shortly with a link to a good you-tube video of it, or you could try a search.

Don't forget to show us q-view of your fattie!
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thanks much. im gonna give it a try and post qview when I do.
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