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Fresh Sausage

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If you make a batch of fresh sausage and stuff in casings, how long will it keep in the freezer? I thought there was a link here showing the time period for meats in the fridge and freezer. I have some brats still in the freezer from January...Thanks, Steve
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Really a good question. I have some brats from last October, I vacuum sealed them.

The year before they were still good coming on to another hunting season so at least a year vacuum sealed. But can they go flat out bad????
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The only reference I have found said 3 months frozen if fresh with no cure.
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I have kept my freshly made bulk breakfast sausage for a year (double wrapped).
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fresh Bfast sausage frozen

I had sausage this morning that I stuffed Oct 2007 and vacuum packed. no freezer burn, no discoloration, Tasted fine. I believe the longest I have ever had fresh sausage in the freezer is 3 years with the vacuum packer. I know I lost meat at less than a year before I had the vacuum packer.
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I've always read 3 months, but I do small batches of sausage, so it rarely ever lasts that long around here.
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For my home made fresh sausages, I vac pack and keep them up to a year. No problems...
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Quality might depend a little on your "freezer".

The freezer section of most frost free refrigerators goes through a warming cycle to get rid of any ice buildup. If you have ever seen ice cream left in the freezer section go "grainy" over time, you know what I mean. Quality of anything left up there goes downhill over time.

By comparison, my 30 year old chest style freezer in the garage will slowly have an ice buildup, but will keep meat and a lot of other frozen foods for a year or so with no obvious loss in quality.
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Get yourself a vacuum packer, there great. I recently took out some catfish, (and you all know how fish can go bad) that I had packed up in 2005, It tasted like I had just caught it. No frezzer burn and no off flavor. If you garden, hunt ,fish, make your own sausage, or like to buy in bulk, this will be your best friend.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Here here on the vacuum sealer they can be had for a low price on E-Bay thats were I got mine. Got mine used for about $20 bucks with shipping.
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