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Catering this weekend Chicken question

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I have to make chicken for 20 people. I was planing on brining, rubbing, and smoking half chickens. I was wondering if there would be an advantage to smoking whole chickens instead. I figure that the halves would take less time. Any comments or suggestions? Thanks.

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KOB, if you have the room, chicken halves would be the way to go. It mean less handling by you. If space is a concern, then do them whole and use a good set of kitchen shears to split the breast bone and back bone. When I cut chickens for serving, most times I cut the chicken into quarters (thigh/leg and breast/wing). For kids and older adult that don't want that much chicken, I'll then seperate the leg from the thigh and the wing from the breast.
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Ezzzactly!^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Dutch has said it perfectly. The only thing I can add is get a good pair of food grade cutting shears to cut the birds into halves either before you smoke or after~ depending on the method you choose. They are one of the best kitchen tools you can own.

Good luck to you! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Thanks guys

I do have a nice pair of Cutco kitchen scissors. They can cut a penny in half.

I appreciate your input. Thanks

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Remember-We want pictures!! biggrin.gif Let us know how it all turns out.
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Good luck on your smoke...Myself I have never tried to smoke chicken..
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Here's an xlnt video on butterflyin' a chicken.
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