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You guys are horrible

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Here I am a newbie cruising the forum. I see the pork section. I look at my wife and cuss. I went to the basement and came back with the rack of spare ribs I've been saving. Thaw them out, trim them up and now they are soaking in apple cider so they can smoke tomorrow. My daughter is happy as a clam, my wife is happy cause she doesn't have to cook, and I am looking forward to the great taste of apple wood smoked ribs. I took a pic of them in the cider and will take some qviews and post them tomorrow night.
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PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif Aren't we though? Looking forward to seeing the qview.
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Have a great smoke and I look forward to the Qview
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Good luck with the ribs, don't forget the pics.
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Get used to it. My wife now volunteers to take the pics no Q.
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Well there ya go, everbody be happy! Sides, ribs is fine eatin!
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Quite a shame you have to go through all that. I know you hate it.
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Well there ya go. Makin' the family all happy. What a horrible place this is. icon_mrgreen.gif
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Bummer dude...i feel your pain really, i dobiggrin.gif
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Aren't we though? icon_smile.gif
Good luck with the smoke... your wife is going to love not cooking more often than ever in the future, lol

Good luck in your adventure into the TBS!
aka Rocky
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You'll be wishing you had put three racks on there. One just doesn't leave enough leftovers!
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we here in SMF have been blamed for alot.good advice-good Q-view-and just good folk that like to do good eats-enjoy your stay and become family.
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The best part though is after the first hour everyone in the neighborhood finds an excuse to walk by and ask when supper is. Just like the penguins, I just and wave.
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We are horrible because horrible is what we do best.

Welcome to the SMF by the way. PDT_Armataz_01_19.gif <--------qview of Horrible me!
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The best part is the eating the night of the smoke, the next best is the leftovers!
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2nd night reheated
aka Rocky

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Wait til your wife thinks your crazy for taking pictures of all the stuff you cook. Cant wait to see those Ribs.
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Well, here are my first qviews. Let's see if I can figure this out.

I hope this is from last night. Soaking in apple cider.

Rubbed and ready to go.

Thin blue smoke. mmmm



Done, just how my family likes them. Sticky!

And juicy.

A nice smoke ring.

Well, there you have it. And yes, my wife asked why I was taking pics.
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Nice looking QView - Keep up the good work!
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Yeah, we're a terrible bunch here. lol. My wife and kid are the same way about the smoked food. They see me out near the smoker and they wanna know whats for dinner. Welcome to the SMF family. There are lots of recipes and there is lots of info here. Enjoy !
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