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Flowering Cherry Tree

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I'm getting ready to remove a old flowering cherry tree from my parents yard. Can someone tell me if flowering cherry wood is good for smoking? If so does it taste the same as wood from a fruiting cherry tree?
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According to the sticky found here: flowering cherry wood is fine to use for smoking.
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Thank you!
I did read that sticky but I guess I missed it the first time through. icon_redface.gif
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You're welcome. smile.gif Glad to help.
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I would say yes because don't all cherry trees flower and I personally use cherry alot if I cann't get apple.
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I think a cherry is a cherry, they all come from the same family just different fruit. Best way to find out is dry some out and give it a try. And let us know what ya think.
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Many flowering or weeping cherry trees are grafted. If you are talking the ornamental trees I would be careful with the trunk.
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I believe we were told it was grafted. The trunk is only about 4 feet tall but probably 18-20" round. The branches shooting off of that are 6-10" round and about 10' long and this is what I want to use. Funny thing, they have had the tree for 20+ years and this year one of the branches produced lots of little cherries.
Thanks for the input everyone!!
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Even if it 's grafted, it is grafted to cherry root stock. Use it all, it's all cherry.
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Theres no such thing as bad cherry its all good biggrin.gif
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I would have to agree.
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Sounds like I'm keeping it all. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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