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Pastrami Please Don't Get At Me W/Qview

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"Ron, I usually get sooo mad when you make a post... You always seem to find the best of deals on meat... Why can't I ever find great deals like this?"

This was posted by BigTrain on my last leg of Lamb post. icon_smile.gif

That's funny. In a word I am very frugal and will not pay full price if I can help it. Plus I made friends with a butcher / manager and that helps.

Back to the pastrami. I got this right after St. Patricks day. I bought 7 of them, and this the last one.

I am also getting a new slicer tomorrow and needed something to slice, that will be another post and review.

Beautiful view tonight, a little blurry, and it only lasts a few minutes.

The last one, a good score.

I used the bag of seasonings that came with it and the Weber's black pepper marinade.

In the smoker it went. Using cherry, mesquite and hickory at 225'.

More to come.
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Uh-oh...I can see I don't have enough briskets in the Q-freezer. You do way too much stuff that want to try, Ron!

Keep it coming!

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What?!? No Yoshida's?!? LOL

Hope it turns out great when you get it slided up. Looking forward to seeing that.
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I love those Weber marinades. The Black Peppercorn is great. I grilled up a T-bone with the Chipotle marinade & some ABTs tonight.
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It has been stalled at 160' forever. Waiting for 170' or better.
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Ron you're right, that's a pretty nice view you have at sunset. Looking forward to the final views on the corned beef brisket.
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Looks good Ron. What kind of slicer are you getting?
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Thread Starter*Web*Confirm

It is on its way for delivery tonight. Can't wait for a test run.
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I'm interested in how the pastrami comes out. Looking forward to doing one of those some day.

Hey RonP, I saw the picture of the landscape and sunset and thought it looked familiar- I'm in NM too!
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Your gonna like having a slicer, I sure do! We eat a lot of lunchmeats and I am saving a bundle.
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Well....? Where the heck is it? Uh oh, I think Ron fell asleep and forgot about the smoker.
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That or he forgot to pay the electric bill. biggrin.gif
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Sorry, it stalled at 160' last night. I put in the fridge and am now reheating in the oven to tenderize it. It was so hard I couldn't even cut it with a knife.PDT_Armataz_01_33.gif

Hopefully my slicer will get here tonight and the pastrami will be ready for slicing.
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Bummer. Hope you can save it.
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Where at? Rio Rancho here.

About 150' here.

Stuck at 160' for a while. Put in the fridge till today.

Steamed it for a couple of hours and sliced.

Still a bit tough, but the new slicer did the job. Shaved it nicely.

It wasn't the best cut of meat I guess but it is still yummo!!
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Looks good Ron. Good to hear the slicer made it to NM.
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Another great pastrami smoke.
Lookin good Ron, sorry to hear that was your last one you had on hand. You just reminded me to pull my last bit of sliced out of the freezer to finish off.
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Having a CBB sammie as we speak. It looks ok. Sorry to hear it came out tough.
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Ate my CBB sandwich for lunch today stacked 3" high of CB, kraut, cheese.

I made my own dressing of mayo / mustard / ketchup / white wine vinegar / fine diced pickled jalepeno / diced chipotle en adobe.

It had a nice kick to it!
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