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Short Ribs & Beer-Can Chickens

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Okay, here's dinner for today! Spent the day smokin' and having fun with the kids outside....

Lunch smoke is here:

Dinner was beer can chickens (with apple juice in the can) and beef short ribs over apple wood.

Chickens got some Texas poultry rub, ribs just plain old pepper-

Here, the birds are done real nice~

And here, the short ribs. Three with ALWANS BBQ sauce, three without-

And heres dinner! Ribs, chicken, packaged Au Gratin potatoes and home-canned green beans from last summer's crop.

Thanks for looking, and we all appreciate your time!
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that works thanks for the qview
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Beautiful chix, I bet they sure tastes good. I really do need to try some beef ribs, they look so good. Nice smoke Rivet.
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Boy Rivet you have been smokin up a storm! Nice job! Those shorties look great!
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Nice!! How did you like the ribs? Were they greasy?
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Nice work Rivet. Looks great.
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I'll take some please. smile.gif Nice job!
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It all looks great especially those ribs. Nice work. You had quite the day smokin'. Congratulations.
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Ooooooooooooh, man, ooooooh, I want some shorties again! So many smokes........I'll have to settle for brisket and spares on the 4th...can't do a long smoke 'til then.

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Great looking smokes Rivet...looks like everyone was happy. Thanks for the views.
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Surprisingly not Ron. The fat layer peeled right off, and the rest was all meat. They were very good. Lot more meat on them than other types.
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How long do you let those shorties go?
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I did the 1.5-1-1 method 1.5 hrs nekkid, 1 hr foiled, 1 hr nekkid and sauced at the end.
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Very nice looking meal, hard to beat them beer-butt chickens,,,,,,,,,,
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Yum Yum i am going too have to try some short ribs those look so good PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif Nice Chickens too
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