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Darn Mikey that is some really good looking chow. Just curious; how was the taste compared with what you're used to? I personally found burning all wood had a better flavor than lump charcoal with wood added on the uds.
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Godd looking chow Mikey.....looks like you got that Bandera square in your sights.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Everything looks delicious, Mike. I'm glad you enjoyed using your new smoker. I'm looking forward to seeing many more goodies from it. smile.gif
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Rick, I can honestly say that the taste of everything that came off of this smoker was definately head & shoulders above what I've grown accustomed to. Since I'm my own worst critic, what was conveyed to me by the "wench" confirmed it & sealed the deal. I did my best to just add wood, but a couple of times I let the temps get a bit too low. Had to add some lump to get it goin', then kept feeding it wood when it was needed. I'm looking forward to the next time I can fire it up again biggrin.gif
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Kudos Mikey on your new smoker and what looks like a very successful maiden voyage.

points.giffor venturing into new territory
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nice looking smoke there mikey!!! great job on first time with the bandera... PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifso is it safe to say from your expierience that not all heat is equal??? taking nothing from the electrics or the gassers- i own one of each and they still put out a good product. but the all wood is just a bit better isnt it??? thks for sharing man!!!
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Erain, admitedly I was very skeptical at first having only known the wattburners. And yes, they do turn out some fine smokes and have served me faithfully for almost a year now. From my own personal experience, I would have to (humbely) say that there is a remarkable difference in taste. While this smoker did keep me on my toes, like I said earlier the fun factor was off the chart.
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Pretty much my findings also. I have a couple of people that really didn't like smoked meat and when they took a taste of the Q coming off the Horizon while burning all wood they were surprised on how good it was. Both of the non smokers are now converted.
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Mikey that looks fantastic! Great job on the new smoker. I want a stick burner. Next on the list!
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Fine looking job Mikey.
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wow good job mikey thanks for the qview it looks super.
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That " Kings Plate" got delivered to the wrong address, I live in Michigan. LOL j/k. The Q'view looks great, so does the smoker. Good job.
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