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Been about a month.Main garden is cover-cropped in annual rye.

Just cold weather crops left...

Pics are Right to left of garden..
Mustard,Turnip greens and Kale..

Pepper patch is germinating rye nicely

Tomato patch has been cover-cropped since oct.15.One reason i have few weeds in the1/4 acre plot

Squash,bean area etc.

50 foot raised bed with 3 types garlic and shallots
Hope the fox and racoon stay out...

Still some snow peas and scallions doing excellent

Leeks are doing great

Brocolli and brussels

Brocolli main heads have been eatin,but some nice side shoots forming

Will have some brussels sprout for turkey day

Most of leaves fallen from the big white oaks

Only need to make one leaf compost pile this year.I have 3 from last 2 falls ready to go in spring

Neighbors honey hives ready for winter

Picked up my oranges today for the winter

I will have fresh leeks,onions all winter and spring.Brussels grow to about february and brocolli january....
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Man I am impressed by all that you do....by the end of september I don't want to see my garden anymore..lol
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Very nice thread, Alex...beautiful indeed. Thank you for sharing the change of seasons; please remember to re-post early this spring when you get things going again.

Very nice snow peas' row! Wow. That's a lot, and a good thing if you like snow peas as much as I do. Excellent and they look so healthy.

I am impressed with your brussel sprouts. Strong main trunks and lots of pretty heads coming out. I've tried them for 2 years now with no success~ my main stalks start out green and thick, but then they thin out and the heads never really develop. Any tips you can offer? Been to the county extension and had both my lawn and garden soil analyzed (do that every year) and it's fine. I put the sprouts where I had cucumbers during the summer one year, and tomatoes the other. Could that be an issue?

Anyway, thanks for sharing the great pictures of your garden. Very nice to look at.

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Great post Alex. And nice looking dirt! Compost can be pretty expensive so it is definitely a great (and greener) idea to compost your own.
Cover crop is coming along nicely, this is my first time doing one and it's there-didn't even think the seeds germinated since it is slow bolting but finally getting a nice solid green cover.

You should offer tours and classes about gardening because you have one hell of a green thumb!
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