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Garden progress Pics

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From the right to left of garden:

6 Rows Peppers

June 1st- the japs

4 weeks later. It was cool and wet until 21st.

Paprika starting to grow nicely

5 rows tomatoes-80% for canning

June 1st Big Boys

June 28 big boys far left

Young fruit

Some of the canner fruit

First ripe tomato

Left of tomatoes Beans Zuccini

Left of Beans and Zuccs-Butternut,Gourds,pumpkins and water,crenshaw melons ringing the garden

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Geez, that's not a garden, it's a whole dang farm! biggrin.gifPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice ALX,,,that is one great looking garden...maters and peppers look great..
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My first thought as well PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifLooks great !!!
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Very nice ALX...keep em coming! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Nice, well kept and a lot of work. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Great looking garden there. You don't have a green thumb you got a green arm.
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Man!...be proud of that garden! Nice!
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Great garden man!!
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ALX, you have the garden we all wish we had! Congratulations to you PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Don't discount the fact that some of your bounty would be a good trade on the exchange FiU started up.

See the "classified" part of the forum and then go to the "exchange" threads.

You got the farm going on, buddy!
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Nice looking garden, what do you use to keep the weeds down?
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Very nice. Pulled out all but one of my remaining tomato plants today. All the onions too. Garden will be plowed under until Fall arrives. I'll start up some seed mid September for some Winter tomatoes.
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Great looking garden ALX.
Almost makes me ashamed of mine, damned weeds have been taking up half of the time in the garden, not to mention I am STILL pulling off fruit due to blossom end rot, just need to get more liquid calcium, bone meal doesn't do a very good job working its way into the soil.
I'm about a week or two away from my first ripe tomato, it will either be a Ramapo or a Black From Tula, not sure who will win the race.
Finally handling the weed problem with newspaper and straw on top and that works pretty good, but now I need to put more poles in the ground and run some line (I use the Florida weave method for the maters).
Once the peppers are fully grown would love to do a swap with you on some.
I have cayenne, anaheim, white habanero, scotch bonnet, thai chili, no heat jalapeno and serrano going so if interested in any of those I would love to do a swap.
Hell, you're close enough I could either overnight you some Jersey tomatoes or even just make a day of it and drive on down and deliver some.

Have anything planned for fall planting/harvesting?
Keep up the good work bud, garden is awesome looking.
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Thanks everyone...

Beer-B-Q- This plot was not gardened for 8 years and was loaded with weeds.I use a heavy annual rye cover crop and after 5 years or so i have choked out most weeds.Plus the ACTION HOE gets a workout after every rain...

FLASH-thank you.I am sort of right in middle of coast and the north-south climate differences still amaze

Rivet- Thanks.I will offer up some extra peppers from last year and will have some extra this year...will keep in touch buddy.I also make ketchup,chipotles in adobe,green chile in tomatoes ,neighbors fresh honey etc..

Fire it up-We will swap friend.I have planted fall broccoli,brussel sprouts,cabbage.Started my spinach,lettuces in pots for transplanting later.Fall leeks 6-10 inch tall.Will be planting garlic,onions,shallotts in oct-november.Great to have room for a garden that produces 12 months a year...

Gonna post some pics tonite.Been one month and garden is doing great.I have had .650 inch rain at garden in last month.I have missed a dozen storms by a few miles at best- maybe the fact i live between two rivers.......I deep water every third day in this weather.
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Here is an update.1 month and 1 day since last pics.

Some Peppers are just blushing.Nothing has died yet 110 out of 110

June 28

July 30

Tomatoes are loaded. 1 out of 76 died.

June 28

July 30

Sunroom jast staring to fill up

First 2 zuccs got the SVBore.First row of beans are green beans.Second two for drying.


July30 Planted 2 rows fall beans to right of spring beans

Butternut,gourds,pumpkins,watermellon have done great again



Sugar Baby-eating sunday

Growing a dills giant pumpkin for first time in 8 years

Butternut and some gourds

Jap i picked 10 days ago-4.5inchx1.5inch

Will be roasting Joe Parker NuMex green chiles next week

Some random pics

Leeks,Eggplant and Basil doing great

Time to cultivate.Rained 1.6 inches in last month.Plant 50 feet peas tomorrow along fence (at right of last pic)..
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thats an incredible garden you got there Alex. I can't find my garden with all the weeds. :(
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Thanks DAN.This sure is a crazy weather year all over country.

Was able to cultivate weeds after we had only 1.6 inches rain last month,but 2 inches last 2 days....
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ALX, get any damage from these storms blowing through? Had 10 tomato plants snap because of the heavy rain and wind yesterday and day before, and now there is more rain coming...such a horrible year for gardening PDT_Armataz_01_19.gif
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Literaly a hard storm outside at moment.Sorry to hear about damage.

No damage this year-except a deer trimmed a couple pepper tops.They all recovered and they have not been back.Ground hog has been messing with neighbors garden and rabbits...

I have been lucky with severe weather.Maybe its living between 2 rivers and the bay, but i have missed a dozen hard storms by just miles.

Did you get my P.M. few days backicon_question.gif
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Awesome looking garden ALX
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